Britney Spears’ Family Wins Big After Libel Lawsuit is Dismissed

Posted Friday November 2, 2012 12:27 AM GMT

They’ve been dealing with the drama of Sam Lutfi’s allegations for three years and earlier today (November 1) Britney Spears' family breathed a huge collective sigh of relief.

A Los Angeles judge dismissed the wannabe manager’s entire libel/unpaid wages lawsuit, citing that Lutfi’s attorney never met the burden of proof required for such charges.

Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bruguera stated, "I really thought long and hard about this… It's the right thing to do."

And though he couldn’t seem to seal the deal after six days of testimony, Sam defiantly declared, "I'm going to appeal,” as he left the courtroom.

Lutfi had been trying to prove that Britney’s mother Lynne Spears defamed him in her book, while Spears’ father Jamie forced him out of his managerial role for the “Toxic” songstress. He claimed that the whole ordeal ended up costing him millions and gave him a bad reputation.

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