Prince William & David Beckham: Save the Wildlife Studs

Posted Thursday February 13, 2014 9:40 AM GMT

They’re two of the most drool-worthy men in the United Kingdom and Prince William and David Beckham are teaming up to protect endangered animals.

Joined by basketball star Yao Ming, the Duke of Cambridge and Mr. Goldenballs himself filmed an ad for WildAid at Wembley Stadium in London.

Becks begins, "Imagine if all the people in the world could fit into one stadium.” William continues, "Sadly, all the wild rhinos in the world can — with room to spare. For some species, it's almost too late."

Adds Mr. Ming, "But we can fill this stadium and many more if we can stop the illegal trade."

"Ask your friends and family never to buy rhino horn," pleads David as William concludes, “And together we can save our wild rhinos."

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