Bret Michaels Given Celebrity of the Year Honors

Posted Thursday December 30, 2010 3:22 PM GMT

He’s been hot on the comeback trail as of late, and Bret Michaels has just been named the Celebrity of the Year by FOX 411.

The celebrity news website recognized the former Poison frontman for his ability to reclaim the popularity and success he had at the height of his career back in the 1980s and 1990s.

Of the news, Bret told FOX, “I am completely honored- I’m at a loss for words other than just a big thank you. It’s a completely awesome honor.”

Over the course of 2010, Michaels wasn’t sure which way was up. He explained, “Talk about roses and thorns- In 2010, it was either really good or it really sucked- there was no in-between.”

And in 2011, he’s coming out with a new book called "Roses and Thorns: The Reality of My Rock and Roll Fantasy." Bret declared, “It will make you laugh as hard as you cry. And I’ve got the pictures to prove most of it!"

Photo Credit: Getty Images