Brad Pitt’s New Orleans Charity Slammed for Rotting Houses

Posted Tuesday December 31, 2013 3:40 PM GMT

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Brad Pitt quickly assembled a few like-minded folks and founded Make It Right New Orleans. But it seems their efforts may not have been entirely successful.

According to a report from Radar, at least 30 homes built by the organization in the Ninth Ward are suffering from rotting wood and mold issues.

Homeowner Nola Verrett explained, “The wood turned gray and it was also black. Also some parts it was buckling and it had mushrooms growing out of it. Different neighborhoods saw it too.”

However, Make It Right spokesperson Taylor Royle declared the problem to be TimberSIL lumber’s faulty product that was guaranteed for 40 years. “It was unable to withstand moisture, which is obviously a big problem in New Orleans.”

As a result, Pitt’s charity has already begun to, well, make it right again. Verrett noted, “It didn’t take no time at all. It’s just like they said. If something’s wrong, they make it right. We are very happy with our Make It Right home.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images