Tyler Perry Defends Bobbi Kristina: "Leave This Baby Alone!"

Posted Wednesday May 30, 2012 7:00 PM GMT

After rumors started swirling this morning (May 30) that Bobbi Kristina Brown walked off the set of her latest show, the series creator Tyler Perry jumped to her defense.

In a report put out by Radar online on Wednesday, sources claimed that Whitney Houston's daughter quit the TBS comedy "For Better or Worse" a few weeks ago because she was still dealing with her mother's death.

However, after getting word of the rumor, Perry took it upon himself to set the record straight in a blog post reading, "NOT TRUE AT ALL PEOPLE!!! There is no way that she could have walked off the set because we have finished taping the season."

In the lengthy comment, the comedian also explains that he wrote Miss Kristina into his show after spending "a long time talking about her goals and dreams" to act.

The actor-director-producer explained that he thought this would be good for the 19-year-old, penning, "I thought that there would be no better way for me to help her move through the grieving than by giving her something to focus on. The one thing that I learned after my mother’s death is that you have to keep busy and you have to be around people who you can trust, so that when you do grieve you can do it in the safety and privacy of people that care."

After confirming that there were tough days on set for the actress due to her recent loss, Tyler says she still did what she came there to do explaining, "she managed to finish her obligation and did a great job at the same time."

Finishing off his statement, Perry makes a plea to the public to leave Bobbi Kristina alone and let her grieve writing, "PLEASE LEAVE THIS BABY ALONE!!!! AND SHE IS A BABY!!! Please stop the lies and give this child some room to breathe and grieve. IF IT WAS YOUR CHILD WOULND’T YOU WANT THAT?"

Photo Credit: Getty Images