“Blue Valentine” Releases New Clip

Posted Tuesday December 28, 2010 11:30 AM GMT

It’s one of the most anticipated upcoming films, and “Blue Valentine” has released a new clip to whet moviegoers’ appetites.

In the snippet, Dean ( Ryan Gosling) and Cindy ( Michelle Williams) are talking about getting married, and that’s just the beginning of this crazy roller coaster ride of emotion.

Of the flick’s sexy moments, Ms. Williams joked, "We had a really good time. We rehearsed it. A lot. We really wanted to get it right. It was a really hard day at work."

Michelle added that Ryan took good care of her during the shoot. "I put on some weight for this movie. He'd make me ice cream shakes in the morning. So before the hot sex he would feed me. How lucky was I?"

Gosling also chimed in that Michelle is quite the costar. "She can tap dance. She does it in the film. She can name all the presidents. She can read palms. Oh boy, can she bake. She can make a frittata that will knock your socks off."