Beyonce's "Drunk in Love" Brought to Life with Emojis - Watch Here!

Posted Wednesday March 5, 2014 7:38 PM GMT

Amused with some fun illustrations added to her smash hit single, Beyoncé Knowles gave her seal of approval to a cute video of "Drunk in Love," artfully crafted with emojis!

Completing the video with cigarettes and diamond rings, Vimeo user Jesse Hill also added pairs of singing lips, the iconic martini glass, and plenty of adorable pink hearts to the 32-year-old's musical creation.

Bey saw the video, and took to her Facebook page to make a comment, simply writing, "Love this!!" on Tuesday (March 4).

And defending his video against those who compared it to others made with emojis, Jesse wrote on Viemo, "I had seen the 'Boring Angel' video. I love it. I just made this video for fun. But once it made a stir and the comparisons were drawn, I considered the ethics of it all. I came to the conclusion that, despite the implications, emoji is a relevant language and that John Michael Boling [the artist who created the other video] and I are each using it with unique dialects to convey very different moods, meanings and messages."

Hitting it home, Jesse wrote, "My conclusion may be subjective and beneficial to my own defense, but I truly believe it to be valid. More of these videos will come."

Photo Credit: Vevo