Beyonce & Jay Z Include Justin Bieber’s Mugshot in On the Run Tour Video

Posted Monday June 30, 2014 8:20 AM GMT

Their new joint concert venture On The Run finds Beyonce and Jay Z in a whole new place, creatively speaking.

The husband and wife team have been using a video of various celebrity mugshots during a video segment of the show, and among those on display is Justin Bieber's photo.

Along with a collage of the pictures, including Tupac, Diddy, Robert Downey Jr, 50 Cent, one fan tweeted, "Justin's mug shot makes an appearance at Beyonce & Jay Z's 'On the Run Tour.' Wonder if he's excited lol."

Bieber’s image (he’s smiling in the shot) was taken from his January DUI/Drag Racing arrest in Miami, Florida.

Photo Credit: Getty Images