Beyoncé Regally Promotes Mrs. Carter World Tour

Posted Tuesday February 5, 2013 7:41 PM GMT

Making sure everyone knows about her upcoming concert dates, Beyonce appears in a major campaign dressed as a queen for her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

The "Crazy in Love" singer donned a sparkling gold outfit with thigh-high red boots and a royal blue cloak as she holds a gold scepter in a room full of opulence.

A TV spot reinforces the theme with royal guards and a court jester as the 31-year-old pop star looks daringly at the camera while an announcer tells viewers how to get tickets for her performance at the O2 theater in London.

In a video posted on her website to promote the event, shots of a multitude of her performances are strung together ending with the queen Bey herself saying, "Thank y'all." Check out the videos below.

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