"Haywire" Stars Hold Court at the Berlin Film Festival

Posted Thursday February 16, 2012 9:33 AM GMT

The stars of "Haywire" gathered together at the Berlinale Palast for the premiere of their action caper in Berlin, Germany on Wednesday night (February 15).

Michael Fassbender was joined by co-stars Gina Carano and Antonio Banderas on what was day seven of the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival.

On the red carpet, the cast threw their arms around one other in between posing for photos and answering media questions, much different than what we see on the big screen.

Miss Carano, a Mixed Martial Arts fighter turned actress, portrays a black ops super soldier in "Haywire" seeking payback after she is betrayed and set up during a mission.

Throughout the film, Carano has several hand-on-hand combat scenes with co-stars - but one fight in particular stood out to her.

When MTV News caught up with Carano during the press day for the film, the actress said, "The Fassbender fight is definitely special. It took two days [to shoot] and I don't think he had any qualms about being physical with me after he met me. He was like, 'You know what? She's somebody I can throw around and not hurt.' "

In fact, the "Inglourious Basterds" actor was the one who ended up getting hurt during filming.

During a fight scene with Carano, a prop weapon hit Fassbender in the face causing "blinding pain".

The Irish-German actor told Entertainment Weekly, “She is supposed to pick up a vase and it breaks away, and the stunt guy said, ‘She’s going to grab it and hit you on the side of the head. But the one thing that’s important as she swings toward your head is you don’t look at her. You turn your head away and take the hit.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it.’”

The 34-year old said when Carano picked up the vase he looked right at it, though he added that there was no serious injury, but described the pain to Entertainment Weekly by saying, “It was like a camera bulb had gone off,”

During the January 22nd opening weekend in the United States, the film raked in over $8 Million.

Photo Credit: Getty Images