Benedict Cumberbatch Solves a Few Math Problems on Sesame Street

Posted Tuesday February 4, 2014 12:10 PM GMT

Taking time away from his more serious roles, Benedict Cumberbatch paid a visit to "Sesame Street" to help kids with a few math problems.

During a sneak preview, the "Sherlock" star teamed up with Murray, who refers to himself arch enemy Murray-oriarty, for a counting lesson.

Cumberbatch began with, "Hello, I'm Benedict Cumberbatch," and was immediately interrupted by Murray, who repeatedly asked, "Did you miss me?"

After Benedict begins to explain to Murray that he does not have an arch-nemesis in real life and revealed his real name isn't "Benedict Sherlock," the two discuss the brain-bending question of "How many oranges and apples are on the table."

When asked if there are more apples than oranges, the 37-year-old actor immediately asks for help from the Count.

Check out the adorable clip below as Benedict answers the complicated question.

Photo Credit: PBS