Ben Affleck & Jeremy Renner: Artois Awards Studs

Posted Tuesday October 30, 2012 2:05 PM GMT

Celebrating his work in the entertainment industry, Ben Affleck was honored at the Casting Society of America’s 2012 Artois Awards in Beverly Hills last night (October 29).

The “Good Will Hunting” hunk looked handsome in a snappy brown suit with a blue shirt and plaid tie as he posed alongside Jeremy Renner.

Earlier in the evening, Renner handed Affleck the coveted Career Achievement Award, a trophy he brandished proudly for the duration of the event.

As for his latest film “Argo” landing in the #1 spot at the box office, Ben told press, "I was very excited, to be honest. I'm usually insecure, skeptical, or try to find the worst about it — but this was just a really nice thing. A lot of people worked really hard. Dramas like this don't really work well at the box office. Usually, it's more high-concept things. I was just really happy. I cut out and pasted a copy of the web page to keep it. Next time I want to make a movie like this, I want to say, hey look — you can be successful with movies like this."

Photo Credit: Getty Images