Ben Affleck Covers GQ "Men of the Year" December 2012

Posted Wednesday November 14, 2012 3:27 PM GMT

Adding to his success in the film industry, Ben Affleck was named "Filmmaker of the Year" landing him a cover spot on the "Men of the Year" December 2012 issue of GQ magazine.

Proving he's aging well, the 40-year-old actor showed off a little chest hair as he posed for the Sebastian Kim shot spread while opening up about being a director, his relationship with wife Jennifer Garner, and his friendship with Matt Damon.

A few highlights from Mr. Affleck's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to GQ!

On his drive for success:
"I lived with this tremendous fear of failure, because my father was a playwright and a director, and I think he did a couple of things as a child as an actor as well, and he...he failed, basically. Not just being an alcoholic and stuff. He didn't do what he said he was going to do. He worked with guys who later became famous, like James Woods and Dustin Hoffman, and he wasn't successful. And that wasn't going to be me."

On being childhood friends with Matt Damon:
"I was littler and I was younger, but I had done acting, and that's something that Matt wanted to do. That's the thing I had. He had the perfect look—blond-sweet-all-American-boy kind of face. I remember, we both decided that the ideal career to have was Robert Duvall's."

On becoming a director:
"I appreciate the fact that I get to do it, and I work really, really hard. I went into it thinking, 'I'm new at this,' but I also went into it with a healthy sense that I needed to succeed, and the one thing I could control was to work as hard or harder than anyone else."

On his wife, Jennifer Garner being a wonderful partner and mother:
"It was a really, really good thing that happened to me around the time that it was nice to have something good happen, and she's just a great woman and a great friend. She has such wise and certain stewardship over these three characters that I love so much."

Photo Credit: Sebastian Kim for GQ

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