Ben Affleck and the Film He Wishes You'd Forget About: Watch Here!

Posted Wednesday February 20, 2013 9:31 PM GMT

Perhaps inspiring young filmmakers by showing that you have to start somewhere, Ben Affleck's short film, "I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Ηung Ηer on a Μeathook & Νow I Have a Three-Picture Deal with Disney," has been making the rounds.

The low-budget satire follows an insane low-rent director who auditions a woman for a movie and screams at his bound and gagged wife.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2010, the "Argo" director admitted, "It's horrible. It's atrocious. I knew I wanted to be a director, and I did a couple of short films, and this is the only one that haunts me. I'm not proud of it. It looks like it was made by someone who has no prospects, no promise."

Ben has certainly come a long way in the meantime. "Argo" won numerous awards for directing, including a BAFTA, Directors Guild of America, and Golden Globe honors. Check out "I Killed My Lesbian Wife..." below to see just how far.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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