Presidential Debate Draws Celebrity Tweets

Posted Wednesday October 17, 2012 9:35 AM GMT

It was another crucial evening for both President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney as they faced off against each other in the second Presidential Debate.

And while both sides made their respective points effectively, some of our favorite celebrities had their own ideas about who came out on top while others seemed more interested in the comedic value of the whole ordeal.

Carson Daly tweeted, “This debate has #SNL all over it already. 45 seconds in,” while Dane Cook opined, “Dear everyone in the town hall #debate. Stop reading your questions off your cards like it’s a hostage note.”

“Parks and Recreation” funnyman Aziz Ansari declared, “OH SH*T! WE BOUT TO GET SERIOUS!!” and Piers Morgan agreed, “This is brilliant – they’re going to start hitting each other any minute now.”

“Private Practice” babe Kate Walsh wrote, “I feel like I’m in mitts kitchen and i got home past my curfew…dads pissed!” while took a more serious route- “This debate is wasting everyones time…we are knee deep in s**t.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images