Zac Efron's Co-Stars Claim he Broke his Jaw During Sex

Posted Monday December 23, 2013 8:53 PM GMT

He suffered a painful slip-and-fall that left him with a broken jaw in November, but Zac Efron never took himself so seriously that he couldn't laugh at it.

In an interview to promote his movie "That Awkward Moment," the 26-year-old star sits with castmates Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan as they created their own version of the incident.

Though poor Zac has his jaw wired shut, his costars are happy to explain that the accident happened while he was home with a girl, "giving her the worst sexual experience of her life."

However, according to Jordan, when he finished "early," she grabbed a "heavy book [and] slammed it right into your beautiful face. That's how it happened."

Photo Credit: Awkward