Avril Lavigne Talks Boozy Wedding on “Chelsea Lately”

Posted Wednesday November 13, 2013 11:13 AM GMT

Stepping out for some media duties, Avril Lavigne showed up at “ Chelsea Lately” on Tuesday evening (November 12).

The “I’m With You” songstress discussed her wedding in the South of France with Chad Kroeger, though she wasn’t able to recall many details.

Avril began, "It was three days long. I don't remember much of that, either! Oops! It was in the South of France. We got married at like 9:00 at night and partied 'til 6 in the morning. And I kind of remember the rest, but don't. I don't know."

"We had a bachelor/bachelorette party on an island, which I don't remember—just kidding!

We slept 'til 5 that day and we had to take a boat. We went all out and wanted the family to have a good time. The next day was the rehearsal dinner at the castle, and the following day was the wedding. And everything started really late in the evening."

Lavigne also noted that in order to preserve their union,"We don't really party when we're away from each other. We want to cherish it and take good care of it. We have to be responsible at some point!"

Photo Credit:E!

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