Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth Say “Good Morning America”

Posted Monday April 30, 2012 10:17 AM GMT

Kicking off the week with a promotional appearance, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth were spotted at “Good Morning America” today (April 30).

The “Thor” hunk and the “Captain America” stud were in the house to plug their new film “The Avengers,” set to hit theaters in the USA on Friday, May 4th. It opened internationally this past weekend and scored a whopping $178 million so far.

When asked if there were any ego wars on the set, Evans explained, “There was room for that to happen but it never did, thankfully. I give a lot of credit to (Robert)Downey (Jr)- he’s kind of the father of this group. If he hadn’t done so well with those “Iron Man” movies I don’t think this movie would’ve happened.”

Hemsworth also noted that he loved having a bunch of stars on board for the film. “I think we all preferred it... when you do your individual film, the responsibility rests on your shoulders. Whereas this, you get to share the workload and I’m happy to do that any day.”

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