Aubrey Plaza in Glow Winter 2014: I'm Actually A Pretty Shy Person

Posted Thursday December 19, 2013 4:18 PM GMT

With her new comedy "Life After Beth" slated to hit theaters next month, Aubrey Plaza pitched in on promotions by covering the Winter 2014 issue of Glow magazine.

While rocking a few poses for the Chris Nicholls-shot spread, the "Parks and Recreations" star opened up about her surprising personality traits and shared details about her work with actor/director Christopher Guest.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Plaza's Q&A session below. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Glow!

On her shyness:
"I think I'm a pretty shy person, actually which is always surprising to people because I'm not afraid of doing ridiculous things in front of people or in front of a camera. But in my own person life I'm actually, I think, kind of introverted and I don't know why."

On her improvisation in Guest's films:
"I'm sure I wouldn't be able to articulate it as a younger person, but it felt different. I think the improvised stuff really spoke tome because it felt so natural and weird; there was this awkward uncomfortableness about it that I really, really liked. And I think that probably influenced me a lot because I tend to make people feel very uncomfortable."

On her biggest beauty disaster:
"Middle school, ages 12 to 14. I mean, every day my whole face is a beauty disaster! I don't know - I'm the worst person to ask."

On her least favorite beauty trend:
"The past is the past, and maybe '80s eyeshadow should just be a memory. Let's forget about that. It's not good for anyone. I'm not a big fan of electric colors."

Photo Credit: Chris Nicholls for Glow

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