Armie Hammer Drops By “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Posted Wednesday July 3, 2013 12:58 PM GMT

Continuing on his promotional path, Armie Hammer showed up at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood yesterday (July 2).

The “Social Network” stud initially strolled up in a casual grey t-shirt to prepare for an appearance on “ Jimmy Kimmel Live,” though later he rode up on a scooter to plug his new flick “The Lone Ranger.”

Armie noted that his wardrobe for the project was less than ideal- “You should have seen the first mask. It looked like the lining of a baseball glove that somebody tried to stick to my face. It wasn’t as romantic as it sounds, unfortunately.”

“The day where I came close to snapping was probably the one where I was dragged behind the horse. I think it was 125 degrees that day. I was barefoot and I was being dragged over rocks, through cactuses and I got dragged through horse s--- at one point – real horse s---. I thought, ‘I’m going to quit right now.’ But fortunately, I didn’t, and we finished the film.”