Anna Kendrick Is Hilarious in Newcastle “Non-Super Bowl” Commercial: Watch Here!

Posted Thursday January 30, 2014 10:38 AM GMT

She’s an amazing actress who also happens to be drop-dead gorgeous, so it’s no wonder Newcastle Brown Ale wanted Anna Kendrick to star in their big Super Bowl ad.

The “Pitch Perfect” starlet is featured in the new clip titled “Behind the Scenes of The Mega Huge Football Game Ad Newcastle Brown Ale Almost Made.”

Clearly cranky, Anna laments, “I was really excited to make a Super Bowl commercial with Newcastle but it turns out they don't even have the money or the permission to make a [Super Bowl] commercial. They can't even say the word [Super Bowl].”

“I was surprised that I even got offered the part. Because I don't think of myself as beer commercial babe, you know? I mean, I'm hot, but like, approachable hot, like the hottest girl in your improv class hot. Like hot to the kind of guys that feel bad for calling a girl hot. Like beer commercial hot, am I beer commercial hot?’”

Kendrick continues, “But I love a challenge. Because I've done indies and blockbuster, you know, kind of well-rounded. I mean, basically what I haven't done is a nude scene and be paid a s**t load of money to be in a commercial for a beer I don't even drink. So this gave me the opportunity to do both these things. We were like days away from the shooting and they called me to say they didn't have any money. It's disappointing, you know, I was really looking forward to the paycheck. So I'm back to doing indie cred stuff, which is great, but you can't stuff indie cred down the male stripper's g-string.”

Finally she erupts, “I'll just give you an endorsement now. ‘Hi, Newcastle Brown Ale, the only beer that ever promised me a paying role in a [Super Bowl] commercial and then backed out at the last f****ing second like a bunch of d**ks.’ Suck it.”