Jolie and Pitt Make Most of Celebrity Status

Posted Monday April 30, 2007 6:27 PM GMT

The list of benefits given to celebrities seems endless. They never wait in line at clubs, they always get the best table in the restaurant, and if you’re Brad Pitt… you get free helicopter lessons while your significant other films a movie.

As Angelina Jolie prepares to film her new movie “Wanted” in beautiful Prague, Czech Republic, she is making plans to take Brad Pitt with her. In order to keep Pitt occupied during those arduously long filming days, Jolie is arranging for complimentary helicopter flying lessons for the Fight Club stud.

In addition, the producers have also rented the pair a massive mansion complete with a helipad. They are even importing Pitt’s prized Bugatti car. Talk about star power!

Jolie got bosses of “Wanted” to agree by telling them that the only way they would get her to replace Halle Berry in the action flick, would be by agreeing to her demands. A source also told the Sun that Jolie knew that her demands would be met, given that she and beau Brad are the current king and queen of Hollywood.

For such celebrity power, any producer would do whatever it takes. “These two can have whatever they want — and they and the film company know it,” the Sun quoted the source, as saying.