FAA to Angelina Jolie: No Woman, No Fly

Posted Wednesday December 11, 2013 10:05 AM GMT

She’s an avid aviator, but Angelina Jolie won’t be flying the friendly skies anytime soon due to an order from the Federal Aviation Administration.

According to a report, the “Girl, Interrupted” actress failed to renew the registration for her personal plane in a timely manner and therefore has been grounded.

The aircraft’s “airworthiness” certificate lapsed back in June and despite a letter from Jolie’s team the FAA denied the late application.

As such, Angelina’s $360,000 Cirrus SR-22 will remain in its hangar until a new inspection can be conducted.

Jolie previously told press, "When Maddox was one and a half, we used to go to the airfield have lunch, and watch the planes. And it dawned on me: I could fly. So I promised him I would fly by his second birthday."

"It's the only place I'm completely alone -- up in the air, detached from everything. I love that I can just go anywhere, have that freedom."

Photo Credit: Ramey Photo