Angelina Jolie Weighs In On Kidnapping of 300 Nigerian Schoolgirls

Posted Thursday May 8, 2014 5:33 PM GMT

Ever the ardent humanitarian, Angelina Jolie is overwhelmed with concern regarding the recent incident involving 300 Nigerian schoolgirls being kidnapped by extremist Islamist group Boko Haram.

While promoting her new film “Maleficent,” the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” star couldn’t help but raise awareness of the tragedy in her interview with French news channel i-Tele.

Jolie declared, "I'm absolutely sickened by it. And the thought of them out there right now, terrified and being abused and sold ... it's infuriating, and it kind of goes beyond understanding that somebody could do this."

Earlier in the week, Angelina also spoke out while doing press in Paris. "Sadly, there is of course real evil in the world, and you watch the news and you see all the people suffering, and so much cruelty, and it's unthinkable cruelty. Like those girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria. Unthinkable cruelty and evil.”

“I do think that it is something for all of us to really, in a heavy deep way, for all of us to understand why it's there."

As an actress, Jolie hopes her movies will bring some light into a world filled with darkness. "We try to make films like this that have something ... loving and something that had a good message and something positive because there is so much darkness, and our children deal with so much, and our world is full of so much pain and real darkness, real evil.”

Photo Credit: i-Tele