Angelina Jolie May Be Called to Testify in Stunt Double’s Lawsuit

Posted Friday December 13, 2013 10:40 AM GMT

She’s busy enough with a bustling movie career and an active family life, and now Angelina Jolie may have to appear in court as part of a lawsuit between her “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” stunt double Eunice Huthart and News Corp.

Huthart claims her former employer intercepted her voicemail messages and she’s pushing to have her case heard in the State of California.

She explained, "Some of Plaintiff’s potential witnesses who are involved with her and/or [Huthart's company] Pump Fitness, such as Ms. Jolie, are located in California."

Eunice claims that she became close friends with Jolie and is actually the godparent to one of her children, so when News Corp began bugging celebrity mobile phones, they tapped into her own account and listened to voicemails that contained information about Angelina and Brad Pitt.

Furthermore, according to Huthart’s attorneys, News Corp’s interception of her messages damaged "her professional reputation within the California-based television and film industry. Because she did not receive messages, her professional reliability was compromised, and because confidential information from messages on her voicemail was published, her discretion and trustworthiness were compromised."

Photo Credit: Getty Images