“Anchorman 2” Cast Mobbed in London

Posted Wednesday December 11, 2013 1:58 PM GMT

Showing some love to their English fans, the cast of “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” showed up at Claridges Hotel in London on Tuesday evening (December 10).

Will Ferrell, David Koechner, and Steve Carell were joined by producer Judd Apatow as they greeted their loyal followers on their way to plug the new flick.

Meanwhile, the man who inspired Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy character has given his seal of approval, and he says the vibe is actually pretty accurate with regard to the news industry back in the day.

Veteran broadcaster Mort Crim explained, “Any good parody takes a grain of truth and exaggerates it for the big screen. People ask me if I'm offended at all and I say not in the least.”

He added, “Back in 2003 (before the first Anchorman was released), Will Ferrell said something in an interview and later I saw it in print. It was no big deal. But then a few months ago, someone working for Ferrell sent me an e-mail and said he wanted me to send a picture of myself to Ferrell. I autographed it, ‘Will, you've almost got it. Just a little more authenticity please. Your friend, the real anchorman, Mort Crim.’”