Amy Winehouse's Life Celebrated By Dionne Bromfield One Year After Death

Posted Monday July 23, 2012 7:05 PM GMT

Remembered as one of the greatest artists of her time, friends and family celebrated the life of Amy Winehouse this afternoon (July 23).

One year ago, the 27-year-old singer was found dead from alcohol poisoning in her London apartment. Her family released a statement honoring "a daughter and sister that meant the world" to them earlier on Monday.

The British singer’s father, Mitch Winehouse, wrote to The Huffington Post and said that he misses his daughter, “more than I can say.”

Mitch added, “"Sometimes listening to Amy's music helps me; sometimes it makes me feel more sad. I miss Amy more than I can say. When I've finished writing this I'm going to sit down with a cup of tea and listen to Amy's recording of 'The Nearness of You.’”

Amy’s goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield, held a prayer service in front of the late singer’s London flat and was joined by fans and family to pay their respects.

In an interview with Reuters on Sunday (July 22), Miss Bromfield mentioned the service saying, “It’s sad, it’s really sad but you know, she was an amazing girl, especially to me and we’ll definitely be celebrating her life.”

She also wrote a tribute to Miss Winehouse, which read:

I believe in angels the kind that heaven sends
Amy you are surrounded by angels who are your friends.

Its been a year since you left and I still think about you everyday.
I might not show emotion in public but i just love and miss you
in my own special way, like when we were alone together.

I think of your face and tears roll from my eyes, you were my
inspiration, my mentor, my biggest fan my one true confidante
you were my world.

I know your in a better place and you were to young to die that is what
hurts so much. God broke our hearts to prove he took the best.
God gave you a special gift as sweet as can be your own precious
angels to watch over you.

There is one thing thats plain to see, that one day we will meet again
until then you will always remain in my heart as I write this I sit and
cry remembering the good times and the last time we were together.
The fun we had and you dancing on stage with me, the big hug and
kisses you gave me.

No matter what people say to me you were the best! you had a heart of gold
with so much kindness sometimes I pinch myself and wish you would come back
I will never forget you! Amy you are my best friend, I love you so much. ♥

Dionne xxx

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