Amy Adams Gives Up First Class Seat for American Serviceman

Posted Friday June 27, 2014 4:33 PM GMT

While celebrities tend to have a reputation for entitlement and self-importance, Amy Adams is bucking the trend with an act of consideration for her fellow man.

While boarding a flight from Detroit to Los Angeles, the “American Hustle” hottie noticed an American serviceman sitting in coach and decided to give him her first class seat.

ESPN host Jemele Hill took to Twitter this morning (June 27) to share the story- "When we were waiting to board, I saw her glance the soldier's way and then she said something to the person she was traveling with.”

“Once we boarded, I saw she was in first class. I was upgraded to first class and she was a couple rows behind me. I think she must have said something to the flight attendant, because before we took off she had vacated her seat and the flight attendant brought the soldier to her seat. I just thought it was incredibly classy and thoughtful.”

Photo Credit: Twitter