Jennifer Lopez Shares Blast From the Past on “American Idol”

Posted Thursday January 30, 2014 12:58 PM GMT

She’s a multi-millionaire superstar with recording and film credits like crazy, but Jennifer Lopez wasn’t always so successful.

During last night’s episode of “American Idol,” the “On The Floor” songstress shared an embarrassing photo of herself from the early 1990s on “In Living Color” as one of the “Fly Girl” dancers.

Lopez also noted that she wasn’t as fortunate as the new contestants because “Idol” wasn’t around back then. “Would I have auditioned? Maybe. But I don't know.”

Additionally, Keith Urban also brought an awkward photo of himself when he was a sixteen-year-old rockstar hopeful at a talent competition.

He explained, “I sang a song and one of the judges was giving some constructive feedback.

'Keith, what's actually showing up in your voice is just an immaturity. You have to do exercises. Either you get to a teacher or someone like that, who can give you these intervals…' But it didn't faze me. Everyone's got an opinion. You've got to know what to discard. We're just giving our opinion. That can start helping you come to life as an artist.”

Photo Credit: FOX