Amber Portwood's Booze-Filled 21st Birthday Celebration

Posted Saturday May 14, 2011 8:30 AM GMT

Celebrating to the utmost, Amber Portwood was busy ringing in her 21st birthday in Anderson, Indiana on Friday night (May 13).

The "Teen Mom" star was joined by Gary Shirley and a few friends as the group took to Jimbo's Bar - with the now-legal TV star pounding down drinks and dancing the night away.

Clearly having a few too many, Miss Portwood ended up needing a bit of help as the group finally drew the festivities to a close and exited the local watering hole.

The night on the town comes as Amber is just one week removed from losing primary custody of her daughter, Leah, due to worries over the child's safety raised by Child Protective Services.

Of the situation, an insider told Radar Online, “Gary has custody right now, but his mom is going to watch Leah so he can go out with Amber for her birthday. Some of Amber’s friends are a little worried that her partying could get out of control now that she’s legal. She kind of has a wild streak in her and doesn’t always know when to stop.”

Photo Credit: INF Daily