Amanda Seyfried's Rainy Big Apple Doggy Duty

Posted Monday December 10, 2012 11:17 PM GMT

Dutifully walking her dog on a rainy Monday morning, Amanda Seyfried was out in New York City with Flynn (December 10).

The "Dear John" star was all bundled up in a long black North Face coat, black leggings, and a multicolored knit hat while fluffy Flynn happily walked alongside her.

This coming year, you can see the 27-year-old actress star in the Linda Lovelace biopic entitled "Lovelace."

Recently, Ms. Seyfried spoke to The Sun about watching the notorious porn star's movies to prepare to portray her. She says, "It's (the Deep Throat movie) just so fabricated and weird and unnatural. They're so funny. It's the funniest movie... (In Lovelace) we really wanted to tell her side of the story because it's pretty dark."

Finding respect for her subject, she continued, "She was treated terribly because she was a porn star and she was associated with that one movie her whole life. It's really nice to be able to validate her in some way. She never got the validation she deserved before she died. I'm glad I did this movie."

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