Pregnant Amanda Peet: Berlin Beauty

Posted Tuesday February 16, 2010 11:07 PM GMT

Overseas promoting her latest work, Amanda Peet was on-hand at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival in Berlin, Germany on Tuesday (February 16).

Showing off her baby bump, the expecting actress joined co-stars Catherine Keener and Rebecca Hall for a photocall and the premiere of “Please Give”.

In the movie, Miss Peet plays a character named Mary, who “hates her grandmother even though the two acid-tongued relations are more similar than they would care to admit.”

Talking about the role, Amanda dished, "I definitely feel like there are people that are just filled with bile at a certain point after a certain tragedy. I think mostly people that I know that are like this are older, like my grandmother (in the film)."

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Enjoy the pictures of Amanda Peet at the Berlin "Please Give" premiere (Feb 16).

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