Amanda Peet Talks Naming Baby Molly

Posted Monday May 10, 2010 2:21 PM GMT

She recently gave birth to her second child Molly June, and Amanda Peet says she and her husband David Benioff had a hard time coming to a consensus on their daughter’s name.

The “Igby Goes Down” actress explained, “We were fighting about it a lot and you can’t leave the hospital until you sign the paper with the name so we got right up to the point where the nurse was trying to usher us to leave.”

“We still couldn’t choose between Maya June and Molly June. So finally David … tore off two little pieces of paper, wrote the names on each paper, and put them behind his back.”

As for Peet and Benioff’s eldest daughter Frances Pen, Amanda said, “She’s a little more moody than usual, but it’s not really directed at the baby. It’s more like, ‘Frankie, eat your broccoli,’ and she starts screaming. She wants to have a baby in her belly and she wants to breastfeed.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images