Report: Amanda Knox Sexually Harassed in Italian Prison

Posted Monday October 10, 2011 1:34 PM GMT

She’s in the midst of a dramatic transition from life in an Italian prison to walking free in her hometown of Seattle, and Amanda Knox is still decompressing from it all.

According to a report, Knox was sexually harassed by the jail workers and at one point she was even falsely told that she was HIV positive.

Amanda was forced to compose a list of all of her sexual partners which was then distributed to Italian media for publishing.

At the time, Knox journaled, “Please oh please, let it not be true. I don’t want to die.”

And Judy Bachrach of Vanity Fair speculated, "I think the Italian courts ... practically made sure that Amanda was going to be harassed in prison, since they made her sex life so much of a focus of the first trial.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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