Alexander Skarsgard Walks and Talks in the Big Apple

Posted Saturday September 14, 2013 4:59 PM GMT

Towering over most New Yorkers, Alexander Skarsgard took a stroll and chatted on the phone in the city on Friday (September 14).

The 6'4" "True Blood" star wore a gray T-shirt and black jeans as he walked along, deep in conversation on the busy streets.

Recently, the hunky 37-year-old actor announced he would race with Prince Harry across Antarctica as part of the Walking with the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge.

Speaking about the opportunity to E! News, the Swedish thespian shared, "We're gonna ski to the South Pole with three teams with four wounded soldiers on each team—a British team with Prince Harry and Dominic West from 'The Wire' is with The Commonwealth [Canadian-Australian] Team and I'm with the Americans."

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI