Alexander Skarsgard: Super-Skinny on the "Hidden" Set

Posted Thursday August 30, 2012 10:36 AM GMT

Shocking fans with his frail new look, Alexander Skarsgard was pictured filming scenes for his new movie "Hidden" in Vancouver, Canada earlier this week.

The usually buff and impeccably dressed "True Blood" star kept a straight face while walking around the set wearing tattered clothing which looked a size too big, making him appear a lot skinnier.

Although Alexander celebrated his 36th birthday over the weekend, he seems focused as ever on his new big-screen role in the thriller "Hidden" - which follows a family as they take refuge and hideout in a shelter to avoid a dangerous outbreak.

Skarsgard, 36, admitted that he's ready to dive into a new character and ditch his vampire fangs, telling Bullett magazine, "I spend seven months just playing Eric on True Blood, but when I'm on hiatus, when I get my five months off, I'm not looking to play the same character again."

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