Alec Baldwin Says Goodbye To Public Life & Gives His Opinion on Shia LaBeouf in New York Magazine

Posted Monday February 24, 2014 10:00 AM GMT

He's dealt with loads of drama over the past year due to his infamous tweets and apparent "gay bashing," but now Alec Baldwin is ready to clear the air in his very own tell-all letter.

In the latest issue of New York Magazine, the "30 Rock" star opened up about everything including his side of the infamous altercation that led to his MSNBC termination and plans for his new life away from the spotlight.

Highlights from Mr. Baldwin's letter are as follows. For more, be sure to visit New York Magazine!

On homosexuals:
"I find myself bitter, defensive, and more misanthropic than I care to admit. And I'm trying to understand what happened, now an altercation on the street, in which I was accused -wrongly - of using a gay slur, could have cascaded like this. There's been a shift in my life. And it's cause me to step back and say, 'This is happening for a reason.' Am I a homophobe? Look, I work in show business. I am awash in gay people, as colleagues and as friends. I'm doing 'Rock of Ages' one day, making out with Russell Brand. Soon after that, I'm advocating with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Cynthia Nixon for marriage equality. I'm officiating at a gay friend's wedding. I'm not a homophobic person at all. But this is how the world now sees me."

On his termination from MSNBC:
"Once they fired me, a former MSNBC employee I knew emailed me. He said, 'You watch now, Phil [Griffin] is going to start leaking left and right to bury you.' When I left, 'Page Six' was flooded with lies about me. Another source told me, 'You know who's going to get you fired, don't you? Rachel. Phil will whatever Rachel Maddow tells him to do. I think Rachel is quite good at what she does. I also think she's a phony who doesn't have the same passion for the truth off-camera that she seems to have on the air."

On New York:
"I just can't live in New York anymore. Everything I hated about L.A. I'm beginning to crave... I want my newest child to have as normal and decent a life as I can provide. New York doesn't seem the place for that anymore. L.A. is a place where you live behind a gate, you get in a car, your interaction with the public is minimal. I used to hate that. But New York has changed. It's goodbye to public life. I've lived this for 30 years, I'm down with it."

On Shia LaBeouf:
"[LaBeouf] seems to carry with me, to put it mildly, a jailhouse mentality wherever he goes. I'd heard from other people that he was potentially very difficult to work with, but I always ignore that because people say the same thing about me. When he showed up, he seemed like a lot of young actors today - scattered, as he was coming from making six movies in a row or whatever. He had that card, that card you get when you make films that make a lot of money that gives you a certain kind of entitlement. I think he was surprised that it didn't work in the theater."

Photo Credit: New York magazine

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