Oscar Ballots Are In: Here’s an Unfiltered Look!

Posted Thursday February 27, 2014 11:45 AM GMT

It’s literally the biggest event of the year for the entertainment industry and the 86th Academy Awards recipients are determined by a panel of actors, directors, writers and composers.

One of the ballots made its way to The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg who has shared the anonymous results for a brutally-honest perspective of this year’s nominees.

Under Best Picture, the panelist wrote, “12 Years a Slave impacted me the most as a moviegoer and as a father, so it was my number one. Dallas Buyers Club also really moved me -- just watching him change his heart. I thought Gravity was really phenomenal. I love Captain Phillips, just like I love all Tom Hanks movies; it was a travesty that its director wasn’t nominated. American Hustle I liked because everyone in its ensemble did a great job. Her was interesting, but it was a little too weird for me. Nebraska was like watching paint dry -- it just bored me to death. Wolf of Wall Street was just so gratuitous and offensive -- it’s supposed to be funny to watch people get screwed over by this schmuck? I had a friend who was wiped out by Bernie Madoff. And, finally, Willamena [Editor's note: Philomena], which was not my cup of tea.”

As a result, the ballot read, “MY PICK: (1) 12 Years a Slave; (2) Dallas Buyers Club; (3) Gravity; (4) Captain Phillips; (5) American Hustle; (6) Her; (7) Nebraska; (8) The Wolf of Wall Street; (9) Philomena.”

Having chosen Matthew McConaughey for Best Actor, the voter explained, “[Christian] Bale did a great job, but the ensemble resonated for me more than any one person. I just need more going on than [Bruce] Dern gave me. [Leonardo] DiCaprio was great but I got tired of the movie -- it was just way too long and repetitive. The guy in 12 Years a Slave -- I can never pronounce his name -- was just phenomenal. And yet I was really taken with [Matthew] McConaughey, even though I have not really been a fan in the past. He was just ridiculously good -- plus the weight loss and what he had to do was just unbelievable. This was the hardest choice for me.

Meanwhile, the panelist selected Cate Blanchett for Best Actress- “My wife loved Willamina, but I didn’t care for it. [Sandra] Bullock was good, but it was hard for me to not see Sandra Bullock—or George Clooney. Meryl Streep is just always fantastic; I never feel that she’s just doing the same sh*t. Amy Adams did a phenomenal job, but I didn’t love the movie. [Cate] Blanchett was bold; I don’t think you could have found any person on the planet who could have played that role better.

Jared Leto emerged victorious as this ballot’s pick for Best Supporting Actor. “Jonah Hill was out from the gate for me -- I just can’t. Bradley Cooper was good. But Jared Leto gave a crazy performance, truly becoming this person. I thought he was flawless.”

And Lupita Nyong’o had the strongest appeal in the Best Supporting Actress category- “I’m not usually a big Julia Roberts fan, but I thought she did a fantastic job -- it was really gritty and ballsy and didn’t remind me of everything else she’s already done. Jennifer Lawrence does a great job, but I didn’t feel like she had enough screen time. But the 12 Years a Slave woman I just found to be so compelling; she ripped my heart out. For me, it’s all about the impact a movie or a character has on me.”

The 86th Academy Awards will air live this Sunday, March 2nd!

Photo Credit: Getty Images