Celebrities Share Their New “Travoltafied” Names

Posted Tuesday March 4, 2014 1:50 PM GMT

It was quite possibly the most embarrassing moment of the 86th Academy Awards, and when John Travolta butchered Idina Menzel's name, the world went crazy for “Travoltafied” titles.

Slate was quick to devise a name converter online based on the “Pulp Fiction” actor’s new label for Menzel- Adele Dazeem. After that, a plethora of stars began wondering, “How would John pronounce my name?”

Anna Kendrick shared her “Travoltafied” moniker- Anya Keezy, while Jessica Bielgot a good laugh out of her new name- Jennifer Borfes.

Additionally, Jesse Tyler Ferguson his name into Joe Tayzlor, and Zachary Quinto became Malachy Smotckins.

Kristen Anderson-Lopez, who co-wrote “Let It Go,” also weighed in on the gaffe- “She heard Travolta. But Idina did what the song is about. She let it go. She didn’t let something that someone else did steal her power. She brought it.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images