“12 Years a Slave” Director Steve McQueen & John Ridley Take The Childish Route at Oscars

Posted Tuesday March 4, 2014 4:00 PM GMT

It’s no secret that the egos in Tinseltown are the size of the State of California, and it was apparent that director Steve McQueen and screenwriter John Ridley weren’t getting along at the 86th Academy Awards on Sunday night (March 2).

The “12 Years A Slave” director couldn’t have looked less impressed as Ridley was announced for the Best Adapted Screenplay winner, and gave a slow clap as the camera panned over to him.

Once on stage, John completely omitted McQueen from his thank-yous, and later when “12 Years” won the Best Picture Oscar, Steve returned the favor.

Deadline’s Nikke Finke speculated, "My sources attributing John Ridley-Steve McQueen cold shoulder at Oscars tonight to dispute over screenplay credit." In other words, McQueen thought he deserved a piece of John’s Oscar.

However, Ridley praised Steve at the after party, telling the New York Post, "Listen, without Steve McQueen I wouldn't have this Oscar tonight. I owe a lot to the genius of Steve McQueen, and I am forever grateful to have had the chance to work with him."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images