GossipCenter Network History

First off, I would like to thank you for helping make GossipCenter one of the top entertainment news networks in the world. GossipCenter was created back in March of 2003 by a group of girls located in Los Angeles, the Midwest, and New York City that were “obsessed” with celebrity gossip, and more so entertainment news in general. GossipCenter originally only operated under the URL of celebrity-gossip.net, but after being acquired by Brand Technologies (2006) the brand expanded to include GossipCenter.com and CelebSpin.com. In addition to the expansion of the URLs that the GossipCenter brand operated under, content production was also improved. Now, dozens of employees produce hundreds of researched/original articles on a monthly basis, and thousands of the latest pictures are added to go with these stories. This dedication to excellence by the GossipCenter team has produced Millions of loyal users.

Thanks for Visiting! Mike

Mike Lavalette Managing Editor, GossipCenter Network


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