Stars Flock to Disney & ABC 2013 Summer TCA Tour

Posted Monday August 5, 2013 9:50 AM GMT

It was a celebrity-laden affair at the Beverly Hilton Hotel last night (August 4) as the Disney & ABC 2013 Summer TCA Event rolled in.

Plugging her new show “Trophy Wife,” Malin Akerman hammed it up for the press, while Brooke Burke Charvet, Emily VanCamp, and Kerry Washington all plugged their projects as well.

Meanwhile, Rebel Wilson chatted about her new show “Super Fun Night,” a team effort with talk show favorite Conan O’Brien.

Wilson noted, “The purpose of the show, to me, is to really inspire girls who don’t think they’re cool, or popular or pretty and all that, to get out there and [prove] that they can have fun and exciting lives, too. I think in order to do that, we have to present a very realistic version of what it’s like to be girl who looks like me and isn’t the coolest.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images